The Myth Seekers 2: The Sunken City v1.0 – Adventure and puzzle game of the legendary Android seekers with data + trailer of
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The Myth Seekers 2: The Sunken City – The Legendary Seekers 2: The Sunken City is another dozens of puzzle and story games by the creative and active Polish studio Artifex Mundi , which is in the adventure genre with puzzle style elements and Hidden Objects. ) Has been published in two versions, free and full. This game was previously released for the PC platform and now we are seeing the release of a special version for the Android operating system. Usroid for the first time in IranThe purchased and complete version of the game has been prepared for you fans of adventure games. Artifex Mundi Studio is probably the most active game development studio among all game developers and companies, focusing on puzzle and adventure games. It’s hard to believe, but this game company has produced more than 80 games so far, except for two or three, the rest are all made in the style of adventure and puzzle games, and the interesting thing is that each of these games has a strong story and It has a unique and at the same time the theme and adventures of all these games revolve around legendary, scary and mysterious stories. But this policy has not caused the slightest damage to the company’s games in terms of providing duplicate content, and it must be said that all the games in this studio are special and completely different from each other! Artifex’s powerful content team is very active in this field, and it can be boldly said that this studio is the top studio developing this style of games. The Myth Seekers 2: The Sunken City is no exception. This game, like other games in this studio, is produced in the style of adventure games with an attractive and exciting story line. The story of this game is related to a historical event that took place in the city of Bertain in the west of France. This area, known as the Kingdom of Ys, existed thousands of years ago. The king of this land was called Gardlon. He was an honorable man, but his queen and the queen sister, who were seeking power, went to war with each other and destroyed this city and its kingdom. The war between the two sisters continues until the whole city is submerged due to the evil forces used and both sisters drown in the water.


The Myth Seekers 2: The Sunken City


Now, thousands of years later, a strange ancient object belonging to that period has been discovered on the shores of the city of Brittany, and rumors say that the drowned city is re-emerging. You are in the role of a member of an agency called The Myth Seekers or legend seekers named Amelia and you have been invited to this area to research and research on this issue. You must hurry and prevent the reappearance of the cursed sisters as much as you can, otherwise Paris and other French cities will soon be submerged! Your task is to travel to this area and discover the sad story of this area’s past. A story that is combined with love, hate and jealousy. In this game, there are 40 different locations that are hand-painted and designed in the best possible way. During the game stages you will be faced with 48 different and fun puzzles and mini-games. The game’s creators say they have also prepared an interesting surprise, which is actually a separate adventure, which will be shown to the players after the end of the game. Discover the story and solve ancient puzzles so that you can finally discover the secret of this legendary and sunken city! This game, as mentioned, is offered in two free versions (demo) and full (paid), the paid version of which must be purchased from within the game. Version located on the siteUsroid is the full and paid version of the game and you do not need to do anything special and you can play and enjoy the game completely without ads and without restrictions. The Myth Seekers 2: The Sunken City game has been downloaded more than 5,000 times on Google Play in less than a week alone and managed to get a good score of 4.5 out of 5.0 .

Changes in version v1.0:

* Fixed minor bugs in the initial version



Instructions for installing and running The Myth Seekers 2: The Sunken City:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.