The Odyssey HD is a new and extremely beautiful game with great graphics and addictive gameplay in the style of adventure-mystical games for the Android operating system , in which you play the role of Odyssey (Ulysses) and overcome exciting challenges. . In the above game, you have to fight enemies on the seas, lands and islands, destroy giants and monsters, and pave the way for the next steps .

The real animations and characters of the game on the one hand and its HD graphics on the other hand will bring a different and attractive gaming experience to your phone. Experience a dangerous journey with legendary creatures and ancient gods with the wonderful game The Odyssey.

After ten years of consecutive wars, sail to Ithaca. Note that you have a difficult task ahead of you and along the way you will encounter a giant with one eye, a witch goddess, a mermaid and a vortex of Sharibadis that you must destroy. Your goal is to reach your spouse and child…

The Odyssey HD game is currently sold at a price of $ 3.99 in the Android Market, which you can download for free with a direct link and its data file from Usroid .


Download The Odyssey HD - Odyssey adventure game for Android + data




Download The Odyssey HD game data with a size of 93 MB

Data file path: SdCard / Android / Obb


Download The Odyssey HD Android



Download The Odyssey HD Android