The Quest v17.0 – Android Role-Playing and Adventure Mission Game
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Tested for offline play

The Quest – Mission is the name of a series of role-playing games developed by Redshift Games studio from Hungary for the Android operating system. The games in The Quest series are among the paid games that have been produced and published in separate packages. The Quest, which is the original and main version of this series, is a complex open-world game in terms of content. The game’s designs have been made with hand-drawn paintings. As mentioned, the game style is role-playing, but unlike most role-playing games where the game view is in third person, in this game, it has not been like that, and the game view is in the first person. This design style, which has a lot of similarities to 90s pixel games, has been produced and published based on the first generation of revolutionary global games such as Medal of Honor or Wolfenstein. Although this style seems complex and a bit difficult, it has many fans. The Quest game has an adventurous and epic storyline. In ancient times, there was a kingdom called Monars where humans and other peaceful races lived. But soon, the peace in this kingdom was lost due to the disappearance of one of the main commanders from a land called Freymore, and one unfortunate event after another approached the kingdom. The predictions of magicians and various whispers heard throughout this land indicate the coming of a sinister event from an enchanted demonic shadow.


The Quest


In The Quest, you play as the main representative of the king, tasked with investigating and uncovering the truth behind the curtain of these adventures, and quickly taking action to prevent future unpleasant events. You can choose one of the 5 different races with unique features and characteristics and follow the game’s story with your chosen character. You embark on an adventurous and dangerous journey in this game. You must travel to different areas such as forests and swamps, black holes and various castles, and face multiple demonic characters, friends, and enemies. You can use various items such as spells and magic, swords, and armor in this game. Along the way, you can find hundreds of different items and combine them with each other or sell them to others and buy other items in return. In different parts of the game, you will encounter many characters and face many stories and dialogues. This allows you to have many choices in the game’s story section, and these choices and decisions can affect the game’s progress. The Quest game has been able to achieve a very good score of 4.7 out of 5.0 with more than 10,000 downloads (purchases) on Google Play. Usroid invites you to download this engaging and exciting role-playing game by providing the full (paid) version of the game for free and tested.

* Resolving some minor issues including problems related to dialogs

Installation and Execution Instructions for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the hu.redshift.thequest folder to the internal memory’s Android/obb directory of your device.