The Quest – Hero of Lukomorye IV v12.0.5 – Role-playing and adventure game Mission 4 Android with data
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The Quest – Hero of Lukomorye IV – Quest: The Hero of Lukomorye 4 Another title from The QuestAre offered for sale by Redshift Games Studio. This game is actually a separate DLC independent of the original game The Quest, which was produced by Zarista Games Studio and published by Redshift Games. Unlike most DLCs and expansions, this game can be run without the need to install the main game, The Quest. Structurally, The Quest – Hero of Lukomorye IV is completely in line with the designs and style of the original version, and in this respect, there is no significant difference in these games. Just like the original version, The Quest – Hero of Lukomorye IV is produced in a role-playing style with an open world design from the first person view, and its nature and story features are very close to the main storyline. The main features of this game are its pixel and classic designs. According to the events and currents that took place in the game, the story follows the great war that took place in the main story. The war is over, but the character is Kozney the Deathless, who is the antagonist of the game, Does not give up his quest for power and the throne of the kingdom. Winter is coming and while the land of Lukomorye is completely frozen, this story will not cause Kozney the Deathless to retreat. By gathering a large and demonic army, he intends to attack the tsar and the royal army so that he does not lose his chance to gain power by destroying them.


The Quest - Hero of Lukomorye IV


Now it is you who, in the role of one of the main forces of the Royal Kingdom Army, must prepare for this attack and defeat the devil once again and save humanity from the danger of destruction. Pick up your weapons and tools and get ready for a huge battle. During The Quest – Hero of Lukomorye IV, you will go to different places and you will encounter many positive and negative characters. Your task is to find a way to destroy this evil spell by exploring and researching the neighboring lands, and finally save your empire from extinction by destroying the devil once again. But does it end that way? Will the story of the game end as you expect? The creators of the game say that in The Quest – Hero of Lukomorye IV, interesting challenges and events are designed.Usroid received and become the hero of the land Lvkvmvry! The game reached a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 with more than 100 downloads in a few days .

Changes in version v12.0.5:

* Make changes to the characters and gifts related to each
* Added the ability to buy the item “Golden Wood” from the store
* Fixed some problems related to dialogues and explanations



Game installation and running instructions:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the hu.redshift.thequestexpb folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.