The Tabung v6.1.2 – Very exciting action game “Tabung” for Android devices
Normal version + Mod version (remove game ads) individually presented to you
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The Tabung is a very interesting and well-made game with an exciting and beautiful idea from the German studio Felix Filip / F²Games, which is offered for free for Android devices and is available to players around the world. The game was previously released for the PC platform and now the final version has been released for the Android operating system. Usroid at your request, dear ones, and as the first Iranian website to publish this game on the web, invites you dear ones and fans of action and participatory games in survival style to experience a professional and different game. The Tabung game based on famous games of this genre such as Dead by Daylight , Identity V or Horror Show built and designed. But in making this game, an attempt has been made to accompany the gameplay process with various differences and elements, so that the final result is considered an exclusive effect. While the example games were third-person titles, The Tabung is a full-fledged first-person action game. This game has an interesting story and its overall structure is very well made and admirable. Among the advantages of this game in good and detailed graphics, professional gameplay and many other features can be summarized. The Tabung tells the story of an adventurous group who go as a group to an area outside the city that seems to have been a no-go area for a long time and camp in the middle of the forest. Soon one of the members of the group mysteriously disappears and the other members of the group, terrified, decide to immediately inform the police and auxiliary forces, but all the telecommunication towers around them are inactive and there is no mobile signal to call. . They are forced to work together to find the engine rooms of the telecommunication towers, which are located in different parts of this relatively large forest, to turn them on and activate the towers so that they can be an auxiliary force. To request.


The Tube


In The Tabung, many challenges, such as encountering wild animals, make the work of the camp team more difficult. Of course, these challenges do not count as any major threat! The main threat is a strange, scary and deadly monster called Tabung (Tabung) who seems to have kidnapped your lost friend! This scary creature, whose main idea is taken from the puppets of the English children’s program called Teletubbies (known in Iran as Topolos), decides to hunt each member of this group. He has a rough, scary face and is huge and gigantic, and he can even attack others by finding a weapon. The style of play is such that you have to resist this monster in the role of campers in groups of up to 32 people as a team and work together and prevent him from being hunted! You have to find and launch all the engines of the towers before this monster can hunt everyone so that you can inform the auxiliary forces. The charm of The Tabung game does not end here, but you can also play a role as a negative character (The Tabung) and attack them to hunt people in this group! Both groups can work towards their goals by finding weapons and resources. One of the most attractive and efficient features of The Tabung game is the possibility of voice chat (Voice Chat) so that players (camp members) can communicate with each other instantly and ask each other for help or warn each other of dangers and Inform the news. This feature is very useful and is rarely seen in other similar games. Another admirable feature of this game is the ability to play on different platforms as a cross-platform, and this means that it does not matter if you run the game with your computer or Android device; In any case, game servers are available for all platforms. This game with very good graphics in proportion to the appropriate volume, attractive gameplay, 3D modeling, high detail of environmental designs and professional effects can entertain anyone, especially those who are interested in this style of games, and Challenge and bring them a fascinating and different experience. If you want to experience this beautiful game, you can download the latest official version from Usroid box. It is also recommended to watch the trailer video to get acquainted with the game features.

Additional notes:

  1. The game requires internet to run. Note that you may need to change the IP to connect to the game servers.
  2. The modded version of the game may be disabled or your account may be blocked due to the online nature of the game.
  3. Note that due to the high level of violence and scary scenes, this game is only suitable for adults over 17 years old.


Game installation and running instructions:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.F2Games.TheTabung folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.