The White Door v1.1.22 ~ 1.1.23 – Adventure and story game “In White” for Android + trailer of
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The White Door – In White is a very well-made and attractive title in the style of adventure games and one of the games released from the very popular and popular collection Rusty Lake , this time produced and developed by the Dutch studio Second Maze. Second Maze Studio is one of the subsidiaries of Rusty Lake game company, which offers Cube Escape and Rusty Lake game series.Became famous. This game has been released for $ 3.49 on Google Play, but now you can download the latest update for free from Usroid. We have prepared, reviewed and prepared this game as soon as it is published on Google Play so that you, dear ones, can download it very easily and quickly. The White Door tells the complex and mysterious story of a man who wakes up one day and finds himself in a psychiatric center. He does not remember anything from his past and does not even know his name. From the beginning, your role begins to help this poor man to recall his memories. You need to help her find her identity by doing the daily chores she has to do at this mental hospital. At the beginning of the game, there is no reminder or flashback, and you have to follow the game and its story directly from the very beginning in the role of this character. The White Door is an interactive Point and Click style title from the top view. You can guide the game character to that point by tapping anywhere on the screen. Then you have to interact with them by touching different items and proceed in the same way.


The White Door


در The White DoorMany intellectual and logical puzzles are placed in front of you during the game. Many of these puzzles are seemingly simple but difficult to do, and conversely, some of these puzzles are seemingly difficult but difficult to solve. That’s why we generally recommend that you play in white and play with high concentration. The White Door game has very interesting complexities in terms of story that can engage the mind of any audience in its adventures. It should also be said that the special ending of this game, which of course is related to your choices, will be a special and thought-provoking ending. This game is also offered with the same elements and elements of the popular Rusty Lake game series, and if you have experienced them before, you can communicate well with The White Door. The game designs are very simple but there is a very special charm behind it. At first, everything is black and white and shows the depressed life of the main character of the game, but when the past memories of this character are reviewed or you step to other places to discover the facts, the situation will be different! The gameplay design is very admirable. The whole game in this section is related to two separate pages. On one side is the thumbnail and on the other is the thumbnail and description. According to the creators, there are many secrets in The White Door that not everyone can discover! It should also be said that the extremely impressive soundtrack that exists in this game makes the atmosphere very powerful in the game. If you are a fan of adventure and puzzle games and you want to discover the complex destiny of a character in an interesting story, do not miss The White Door, and now you have purchased and tested the version fromDownload Usroid . It is interesting to know that the final version of this game crossed the 5000 buy and download limit in Google Play in just a few days and achieved an excellent score of 4.7 out of 5.0 !

Changes in version v1.1.22 ~ 1.1.23:

* The White Door Basement opens