Attention: The above program has been released from beta version and is now available under a different name, which you can view and download in the post below:

Themer Beta is a powerful and excellent software in the field of personalizing the interface of Android devices from MYCOLORSCREEN programming group. It has been praised by New York Times, Wired and CNET and is one of the most popular Android launchers. With thousands of incredibly beautiful and stylish themes, this software allows you to choose one of them and transform your mobile interface. After that, you can focus on other customizations.

Are you one of those users who are tired of the repetitive and uniform appearance of their smartphones and Android tablets? Install the Temer Beta software on your mobile device right now and give your device a fresh new look and say goodbye to the repetitive interface! This program contains various themes (more than a thousand) from iOS 7 themes to Mac OS, as well as diverse themes such as Super Mario, Star Trek, and …! Download Smart RAM Booster for Android.

Some features and capabilities of Themer Beta Android software:

* Possibility to increase the number of pages on your mobile or tablet’s home page

* Dara had a search function to quickly find programs and games by typing their first name

* You can use custom dock bars or create docks using the photos available in your gallery.

* Including over 200 diverse and incredibly beautiful themes with the possibility of downloading from the program server

* Providing access to other useful functions such as hiding the status bar, creating unlimited folders on the home screen, selecting icon sizes and …

The Themer Beta application has been released for free and has over 5 million downloads from Google Play with a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0. Today, we at Usroid provide you with the latest version of it with a direct link.

User request from Usroid … New version only on Usroid

Version 1.55 Changes:

* Fixing issues and improving program performance


Download Themer Beta - a great personalization application for Android



Themer Beta Android - Android application



Download Themer Beta Android Apk - New FREE Google Play



Download Themer Beta Android Apk - New FREE Google Play



Download Themer Beta Android Apk - New FREE Google Play