Thief Puzzle v1.5.18 + Mod – a fun puzzle game for Android
Normal version + mod version (open levels) separately
Tested with offline execution

Thief Puzzle is the name of a game in the genre of puzzle and thought, published by WEEGOON game studio for Android devices. The WEEGOON game studio has published good games for gamers before this game and has a successful game development record in the Android market with millions of downloads. Thief Puzzle is one of the newest games of this game studio, which, like their previous games, has a simple gameplay, but it is very attractive and fun, and will undoubtedly bring you a unique and unique experience. This game has become one of the most popular mobile games in a very short period of time and made a name for itself. Thief Puzzle is not one of those games that have deep and engaging puzzles, and its creators have considered more of a casual and fun game, not a serious game. For this reason, the design of the puzzles has a humorous aspect and it has been tried to bring laughter to your lips. In this game, you actually play the role of a thief whose task is to steal different objects in each stage. The stages are very diverse and diverse, but at the same time they are very simple and can be easily solved by drinking water.

Thief Puzzle

Of course, due to the puzzle nature of Thief PuzzleThe difficulty level of the game increases with each step and slightly increases your challenges. But this is not something that will bother you, all the puzzles are solved in a few seconds and you do not even need to think. For example, in the early stages you just have to reach out to steal کیف a bag, a fruit basket, a suitcase, a gold bag, a ring, and so on. But then you have to steal things like gold crowns, pearls, ‌ treasures, and که while they are protected. So, as you can see, the gameplay in general has a simple structure and is suitable for all ages, and there is no specific age limit for this game. Every step of the game can make you laugh, and for times when you are bored, this game is a very convenient timer that can keep you entertained in 5 minutes. Thief Puzzle managed to score 4.2 out of 5.0In the Android Market to devote himself and the team Usroid plans of the original and the copy mode without Mhdvdytsh to be tested and totally free to give your loved ones. You can now download this game through the direct links at the bottom of the article and enjoy it!

Note: In the game mode version, you can skip the levels without seeing ads and without any hassle.