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With the increasing spread of Android smart devices among people around the world as well as the reach of the Internet to remote areas, social network users are growing and other users’ activities are also increasing. If you look at social media statistics, you will know that Instagram is the first and top social network in the world that has a wide range of users. The popularity of this social network has been very high, which guarantees the growing capabilities unveiled by Instagram. It can be said that last year Instagram offered the best and most attractive features possible! One of the best of these features is Close Friends. With the Close Friends feature, you can identify your close and close friends and have a separate and special interaction with them. This connection is such that your other followers are not aware of it and it is completely secure. Threads from InstagramTrudz is a smart app for easier communication with Close Friends on Instagram, which was developed by the same social network, Instagram, and published on Google Play. As we mentioned, this software can be considered the best way to communicate better and easier with your close friends. Focus on your close friends and see their messages faster than any other user. One of the most important features is the ability to set the status and status, which helps to inform your friends about your situation in important and necessary situations. In addition to the exclusive features of Trudz, other public Instagram features are available and you will be able to send messages to all your followers on this social network. Send pictures to your close friends faster than you see in the public version of Instagram and gain new experience in this field.

Some features and capabilities of Threads from Instagram Android app:

  • Communicate much easier and faster with your best friends at Close Friends
  • View messages, status, and stories of your best friends with a single touch
  • Ability to connect with other Instagram users even if they do not have Trudz!
  • Super auto status mode for more intimate communication with your friends
  • Ability to send photos and messages to your close friends faster
  • Ability to customize the theme and app icons

The Threads from Instagram application, with the ability to connect faster and easier with your close friends at Close Friends, has been able to receive a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 by users on Google Play with more than one million downloads. Get the latest version of it on the up-to-date and popular Usroid website .


Threads from Instagram