Tic Tac Toe Universe v1.4 – Board game and lovely Doz world for Android
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Tic Tac Toe Universe – Tx Tac Toe Universe ( XO ) is the name of a simple, small and at the same time very entertaining board game in the famous game of Doz or XO, which has been released in both free and paid versions. You can download the paid version without any restrictions from Usroid site. Tic Tac Toe Universe is a product of the popular British studio AI Factory Limited, whose main activity is the production of board games. This game company has produced and published more than 30 board and nut games so far! Previously popular game Reversi We also introduced this studio on the site, which by clicking on its name, you can refer to the relevant page and download that game from Usroid. It is worth mentioning that AI Factory Limited was selected as one of the top ten developers of Android games in 2013 and 2015. In Tic Tac Toe Universe, you will travel to the world of Doz game and experience its types and varieties! As you know, Doz or XO game has been produced in different dimensions and sizes and even in different shapes and images. In this game you can experience all these models! From 3 × 3 dimensions to 4 × 4 dimensions, 5. 5 dimensions, 6. 6 dimensions and the advanced version of the game with 14 × 14 dimensions known as Gomoku, can be selected in this game. This means that a total of 5 dose games are available to you in the form of a small game. The game developer claims that the Gomoku version of this game has been produced with special designs and mechanisms, and has a significant advantage compared to similar games to Gomoku. In this game, you have to put 5 pieces in a row next to each other to win. Tic Tac Toe Universe also has interesting features such as interesting designs so that you not only enjoy the interesting designs of the game, but also do not get tired of the simple and repetitive shape and image of the game!

Some features of Tic Tac Toe Universe Android game:

  • Interesting designs and use of various designs
  • A package of 5 dose games or XO in 5 different dimensions and sizes
  • Has an advanced version of Gomoku with 14 by 14 dimensions
  • There are 12 different characters with different degrees of difficulty
  • Ability to play single player against artificial intelligence
  • Ability to play in pairs (in turns)
  • Compact and can be played offline

Tic Tac Toe Universe is one of the most interesting and admirable types of dosing games for today’s mobile phones and tablets, which with its small volume can be run on any device and will entertain you and your friends for a long time. If you are a professional dosing player and you claim in this game, it is better to compete with the game with a high degree of artificial intelligence so that you can be challenged! As mentioned, Tic Tac Toe Universe game is offered in two free versions (with ads and limited parts of the game) and a paid version (without restrictions and without ads), which you can buy and test the version of this game below. Download from Usroid . This game is one of the most popular board games in the category of board games with 1000 downloads on Google Play and an excellent score of 4.7 out of 5.0 .

Changes in version v1.4:

* Fixed game bugs


Tic Tac Toe Universe