Tile Launcher is a very beautiful and professional launcher for devices with Android operating system , which is based on the main driver of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and the elements of the “modern user interface” of Windows 8 in a small and fast package in the smartphone. Brings you.

Tile Launcher delivers a fast-paced, fun experience that pays more attention to speed than it does to multiple features, and unlike Launcher8 and LauncherWP8, which have a Windows Phone 8-like user interface, it only seeks inspiration from the Start screen. It is Windows 8 that can be scrolled next to it .

Features of this launcher include support for icon packs and font selection, color and text size.

To see pictures of Tile Launcher and Donald, the latest version of Usroid , read more.


Tile Launcher Beta - Start Windows 8 on Android