Tile Master v + Mod – board and puzzle game “Master of 3-house puzzles” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (Unlimited gold) individually
tested with offline execution

Tile Master – Master of 3-house puzzles, whose full name is Tile Master – Classic Triple Match & Puzzle Game, is a jigsaw puzzle game from the category of board games for Android devices, which is free but with in-app payments. Has been released on Google Play and is available to players. The creator and publisher of this game is Hong Kong studio Higgs Sutido. Usroid this time as the first Iranian websiteThe publisher of this game on the web invites your loved ones to download a very lovely and attractive game. We have provided the latest version of the game for you dear ones and we have prepared it along with a modded version for download. Tile Master – Classic Triple Match & Puzzle Game has a very simple basics that take less than a few seconds to learn. The mechanism of the game is so comfortable and trivial that even young children can experience this game. Although Tile Master is very simple and the general idea seems very ordinary and even low level, but the interesting thing is that the structure and design of this game are so fascinating and beautiful that this simple idea turns into a very fun idea. Has been.


Tile Master - Classic Triple Match & Puzzle Game

در بازی Tile Master – Classic Triple Match & Puzzle GameFinally, you should simply find the Tiles that have similar shapes on a board with dozens of different houses and items in a puzzle and select them. In fact, the main priority of the game is to remove similar items from the page. To do this, you must first select an item and tap on it to select it. Then you have to find two other similar items that are exactly like the same house and have the same design in a short time and tap on them as well. When the number of selected cells reaches 3, the three cells will be removed from the board and you will have to move on to the other cells. The general idea of ​​the game is as simple as that, and there are no specific tips or tricks in it. But this simple idea can be an interesting challenge for you when the number of houses and the shape and image of their designs are different. To play Tile Master – Classic Triple Match & Puzzle Game You have to be relatively focused, and while this game may seem like a trivial hobby, doing it can improve your mind and concentration. To download the latest version of this game along with its modded version from the serversUsroid , refer to the download box. The creator of the game has presented a trailer video of the gameplay of the game well, showing the general way of the game, so if you want to know more about the Tile Master game, you can watch this video that we have prepared for you.