Time It Premium v2.0.4 [Unlocked] – Professional time management application in Android
Premium version with access to all features

Time It Premium is an application and professional application in the field of reviewing and managing time during the day, developed by CubeStudio Studio for Android operating systemDesigned and published. We all spend different hours and minutes during the day doing our daily work, which if we do not have proper planning in the meantime, many hours and minutes may be wasted during the same day and we can not properly Let them benefit. “Time Eat” is a unique application in the field of time management that you can use to focus on your work in a special way and do them properly. Run the timer before starting your work and stop it after the end of the activities to see how useful your work is. This software records all your working hours and in the form of a chart, shows the amount of time spent for each task at the end of the week to its users so that in case of any underemployment or overwork Compensate for them.

Some features and capabilities of Time It Premium Android app:

  • Professional and complete time management
  • Display the amount of time spent doing various activities
  • Very little use of Android device resources
  • View charts of activities performed during the day and at any time
  • View a comprehensive chart of activity sets at the end of each week
  • Various widgets for quick access to the program and its execution
  • Improve the ability to manage your time and schedule for your activities
  • Very simple and easy user interface

Time It Premium application , being in the category of Play Store applications, has been able to receive a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by paying within the network of $ 1.49, which you can now download the latest premium and professional version of it from Usroid site. .

Changes in version v2.0.4:

* Ability to add custom categories
* Receive weekly statistics in CSV format