Time Tracker v2.14 [Unlocked] – a simple and powerful time tracker application for Android Unlocked
and complete version of the program worth $ 4.99 for the first time in Iran

We all do different activities every day; These activities may take a few minutes or take up hours of our time. Undoubtedly, monitoring these times improves the quality of our work and helps us achieve our goals in a shorter time. To this end, various gadgets have been designed and built that many people can not afford! So we want to provide you with a smart app at no cost, which is a good alternative to multi-hundred dollar gadgets! Time TrackerTitle is a simple and powerful time tracker application developed by zafer ertas and published on Google Play. By providing a set of features, this program helps you to have a special control over the time of all your activities and to monitor them as easily as possible. One of the most important features that attracts everyone’s attention is the possibility of simultaneous operation of timers, which is not seen in other similar apps. For a complete estimate of your activities, create your favorite project and try to score it in consecutive days to finally see the amount of time spent to achieve success! Using the mentioned feature puts you in a competitive situation and helps you to feel competitive with your past activities at any time. The information of each project is displayed separately and you can access it at any time.

Some features and capabilities of Time Tracker Android app:

  • Create timers for your various activities along with details
  • Build a variety of projects to track time in the long run
  • View super-complete information about created projects
  • Edit created projects or activities
  • Activity of several different timers simultaneously
  • Specify the target time for each of your projects
  • Two dark and light themes based on your needs

Time Tracker application, with its various features and capabilities, was released by its developer with an in-network payment of $ 4.99 and was able to receive a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 by Google Play users, who can now download the latest unlocked version of it. Download the powerful archive of Usroid website without any restrictions on accessing the facilities .


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