Time Trap 2: Mystery Hidden Object Adventure Games v1.0.107 + Mod – Puzzle-adventure game “Time Trap 2” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (reduce cooling time of tips) separately
Tested with offline performance

Time Trap 2: Mystery Hidden Object Adventure Games is another popular and well-made game from Crisp App Studio – Hidden Object Games for the Android operating system, which, like other games from the same developer in style A puzzle has been created and published. Usroid is proud to be the first among all Iranian sites to publish this game in two versions, regular and mod, to once again bring the fans and admirers of puzzle style games, especially the style of Hidden Objects to the Hidden Object. Bring ecstasy. The Ukrainian studio Crisp App Studio, as its full name suggests, specializes in making Hidden Object style games, and to date has published several different and very popular games on Google Play. The most important of these games are Detective Sherlock PugVampire – Hidden Object AdventureAround The World , Time Machine – Finding Hidden Objects , Beauty and the Beast and Hidden Island: Finding Hidden Object Games , which have already been covered in other articles. We introduced your service from Farsroid website, dear ones. To refer to these games and download each of them, just click on the name of that game.


Time Trap 2: Mystery Hidden Object Adventure Games


Time Trap 2: Mystery Hidden Object Adventure Games is made in the same language as the previous design of previous games, and the overall nature of the game is just like other games of this puzzle and adventure developer. This game, like other titles released by this studio, has a fantasy storyline. According to this story, a research company called Ring of Time launches a project to build a special and advanced device that can be used to travel in a certain time dimension. Just as this research was being completed and important results were being obtained, an accident occurred in an area called Abandoned City, disrupting the project and causing it to The project remains unfinished. You are in the role of a researcher and an expert who has been commissioned to investigate the situation and what happened to travel to this area and discover the secret of the abandoned city and discover its connection with the Ring of Time project. Of course, the situation is more complicated than you think, and many characters and currents are involved in this story. So prepare yourself for an interesting and relatively complex adventure to discover an incredible and strange truth. Time Trap 2: Mystery Hidden Object Adventure Games style is completely in the type of hidden object and in all stages of the game you have the task to find special items that are hidden in the image and with their help to activate various mechanisms so that you can Go to the next sections and follow your adventure journey. To experience this beautiful and attractive game, you can go to Usroid box download right now and download the latest version of the game for free and tested. Time Trap 2: Mystery Hidden Object Adventure Games continues the success of previous Crisp App Studio games with an excellent score of 4.4 out of 5.0 and has gained a good position among the audience of this style of games.