Timestamp Camera Pro v1.192 – Smart app for capturing time and place tags on images and video files on Android!
Bought version worth $ 3.99 for you dear ones

Timestamp Camera Pro is the title of an application to put time and space tags on images and video files from Yubin Chen for Android! Perhaps Time StampIt is considered to be the only and the best program for placing the date and place of recording images on the photos. Put a professional face on your pictures. Tags can be placed at 6 different points and you can easily adjust them to your liking, in addition to different formats, there are various settings for fonts that can make the recorded dates more attractive; For example, after recording the date and place on each photo, you can easily change the font of the text and adjust their color according to the photos. One of the unique features of this application is the automatic location registration, so that you do not have any interference on the registered places, and the application automatically detects your location through GPS to place it on the images. Give! CapabilitiesTimestamp Camera Pro is not limited to time labels because it has a collection of live effects in its heart, which by combining these effects with existing portraits, you can record unique and artistic works.

Some features and capabilities of the Timestamp Camera Pro Android app:

  • Put time and place labels on images
  • Unique system for placing the exact time of videos on video files
  • Support for editing recorded times such as changing fonts, changing colors, resizing, and so on.
  • Automatic and intelligent geographical location on each image
  • Supports different points to place registered times and places
  • Supports live and smart effects
  • Super smart photo capture system when shooting video
  • Support for custom portraits and landscapes
  • Ability to change the resolution of images and video files

The Timestamp Camera Pro has been well-received for $ 3.99 , scoring 4.5 out of 5.0 in Google’s largest marketplace, and now you can get the latest version for free for free at no cost Download from Usroid .


Timestamp Camera Pro Android