Timing Voice Recorder (Paid) v11.3.0 – Android timed voice recording application
Purchased and complete version for $ 9.99

One of the main tasks of Android apps is to turn smartphones into special tools that we have to pay a lot of money to use in the real world. In the not-so-distant past, many people or reporters used the Walkman to record audio, but with the advent of smart devices, all of these tools lost their popularity. Timing Voice Recorder (Paid)Is the title of a timed voice recording application for Android, developed by Han Chang Lin and published on Google Play. This software with its special feature helps you to start recording audio secretly and leave it to this program. Once you start recording, just specify the recording time and rest assured that everything will stop right after the set time. Existing compression technology helps to not only maintain the quality of the recorded sound, but also significantly reduce the volume and save hundreds of hours of sound without memory shortages. It is better not to miss this wonderful program and join us to receive it.

Some features and capabilities of Timing Voice Recorder (Paid) Android application:

  • Record audio secretly on the off screen
  • There were no restrictions on recording time
  • Audio compression technology to prevent memory shortage
  • Extra system stops the playback process
  • Put the password on the app
  • Ability to record background sound without any interference in processing
  • Very simple and easy user interface

The Timing Voice Recorder (Paid) application with special capabilities in the field of voice recording has been published by its developer on Google Play for $ 9.99, and the latest and purchased full version is in front of you. This software has not been sold yet and by receiving it from Usroid website, you will be one of its first Iranian users.

Changes in version v11.3.0:

* Updated app UI


Timing Voice Recorder (Paid)