Titanium Backup ★ root needed is one of the best and most powerful backup programs – it supports the Titanium Track studio for Android devices. Perhaps you are looking for the most complete, popular and comprehensive backup application and backup for your Android smartphone or tablet ! Today, we are going to introduce the most powerful Android backup software called Titanium Backup Pro, which by having it on your mobile phone, you can easily play all your information, including programs, games. Make backups, market links, etc., and if they are deleted, try to restore them easily! The Titanium Backup app allows you to back up your existing games and apps without having to log out, save them in memory cards, or restore them from other apps, including freeze. Use different software, clear cache, schedule to get backup, get backup of part-by-part settings of the phone and so on! Let’s explain one of the functionalities of Titanium Backup software to you so that you know what application is in front of you. Suppose you have advanced your favorite and favorite game to the above steps and you want to upgrade your phone’s ROM or to Reasons for Android phoneRestore your flash; This will destroy the game’s storage files and waste all your efforts! So, before restoring or flashing, just use Titanium Backup software to get a backup of the game and its settings, so that after flashing and restoring this backup, you can return to the previous conditions of the game and continue the game from the same place and the same stage that you reached. Give!

Some features, features and capabilities of Android Titanium Backup Pro:

  • Ability to back up and restore normal applications with their settings
  • Easy removal of user-installed programs or system applications
  • Ability to keep multiple versions of a program for multiple tasks
  • Ability to convert normal programs to system and vice versa by the user
  • Integrate system updates into the ROM
  • Professional and powerful protection against backups against deletion
  • Having the ability to restore programs without user intervention and without the need for approval
  • And dozens of other amazing features.

Today in Usroid, we have provided you with the most complete version of the above software called Titanium Backup Pro Patched , which is sold at a price of $ 5 in the Play Store, and you can use all its features for free! The version that we have provided for download is the most complete version of the program and it works without any problems and you can download it with one click from Usroid high speed servers.

Important and necessary points:

1 – To use Titanium Backup software, your Android phone or tablet must be rooted.
2 – To use the above software, the BusyBox application must be installed on your phone ( if you do not have this program, click to download )
3 – If the Titanium Backup software is not installed on your phone; The previous version of the phone to remove it and install this version (if already patched version of the file Titaniumbackup_License . Txt delete from mainstream memory card or phone)


Titanium Backup Pro Patched Android