To-Do Calendar Planner+ v9. Unlocked – The Amazing Paid Version of Todo Calendar for Android!
The paid version is fully unlocked and worth +5 dollars!

To-Do Calendar Planner is the name of an interesting and practical Android calendar that Timleg has released on Google Play for Android users. This application is not only a complete and practical calendar, but it can also help you in organizing and planning your future tasks. For example, you can enter your daily tasks that you are interested in doing according to different time patterns so that you can perform each of them at your specific time and hour.

The main and key features of To-Do Calendar Planner program are:

  • A powerful task list that supports batch operations
  • Enjoy a complete calendar with daily, weekly, and monthly views
  • Define your personal goals and add tasks to them
  • Set multiple reminders for tasks and important events
  • Divide tasks into sub-tasks
  • Set task and event repetition
  • Organize your life step by step
  • Use widgets in 4 different formats
  • Attach photos and files to scheduled tasks
  • Synchronize data between different devices without any special actions
  • Attach location using Google Maps to tasks and events
  • Easily clean up the task list and prioritize them
  • Use a daily journal to track your daily tasks
  • Never forget your friends’ birthdays
  • Add GTD principles to your daily life
  • Convert tasks, notes, goals, and events to each other
  • Access your data from a computer (web version)

Professional version features:

    • Direct task planning on the calendar
    • Planning on your daily tasks
    • Synchronization of this program with Google Tasks
    • Backup and restore capability
    • Equipping tasks with timers
    • Link your notes to tasks and events
    • Record and attach audio to tasks and events
    • Reset all events
    • Protect your information with a password
    • Export information in CSV format

The professional and interesting To-Do Calendar Planner has gained a lot of popularity in Google Play and has a 4.2 out of 5.0 rating, so download and install this app now to plan your future.


To-Do Calendar Planner