Toby: The Secret Mine v1.61 – Adventurous and beautiful game “Toby: Hidden Mine” for Android + trailer of
the purchased and complete version of the game for $ 4.99,
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Toby: The Secret Mine – Toby: Hidden Mine is an incredibly beautiful and lovable game in the style of adventure games with a shaded design that is based on famous titles such as LIMBO or Albert and Otto , Nihilumbra and Sweven . is developed. In fact, it might be better to say that LIMBO was a pioneer in offering and designing this type of style, which quickly gained worldwide popularity and was a model for other developers to create similar titles by following the example of this game. Toby: The Secret Mine is without a doubt one of the best in this genre, created by German studio Headup, which makes games such as The Inner World , Bridge Constructor Stunts andBridge Constructor Portal was produced and released for $ 4.99 for the Android operating system. Usroid, at the request of your friends and regular companions, has decided to prepare this very beautiful and lovely game after the necessary checks and to introduce the purchased and complete version to you dear ones. Toby: The Secret Mine is a simple but very effective and well-made adventure game from the two-dimensional platformer games category, which as soon as it was released, was able to get very good scores from reputable critics and soon became one of the popular games of this style of game. Become. The game tells an epic and interesting story in the form of a work of art, in which you will start a very dangerous adventure to become a real hero.


Toby: The Secret Mine


In Toby: The Secret MineThe story is about a small, very clean and remote village. This beautiful and intimate place, which is home to humane and kind creatures, loses its security by a larger creature. The creature that attacked the village begins to kidnap its inhabitants and imprison them in cages. Two important and brave members of this land are taking a dangerous path to take revenge and bring back their friends, but it has been a long time since they were heard of, and it seems that they themselves have been arrested. Just as all hopes of bringing the village back to its beautiful days have been dashed, the protagonist, Toby, steps in and decides to end the two’s miserable work, punishing the villain. And release all his friends who have been arrested and imprisoned! He knows that this creature lives in the depths of the forest, so he embarks on an adventurous and dangerous journey to find his friends. But when he enters the forest, he realizes that the situation is not as he thought, and the situation is more complicated than that! In Toby: The Secret Mine, you have to help Toby successfully complete his perilous journey and survive this dangerous adventure. To complete the game’s missions, you have to chase the negative character who has red eyes and release them whenever you reach one of your imprisoned friends. Your main goal is to set all your friends free. Toby: The Secret Mine has come up with a lot of ideas for similar games, especially Limbo. During the game, you have to run forward, jump over obstacles, escape deadly traps and traps, and solve many physical puzzles. Beautiful and attractive Toby game:Usroid is ready to receive. Toby: The Secret Mine is available for sale on Google Play with a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 , but you can download it for free from the download box right now.