[Today in History – On this Day v5.1.17 [Premium – Date and events application for Android
Premium and full version of the program worth $ 2.49 for the first time on Persian language sites

We all live in a vast world where special and varied events take place every day; From the discovery of drugs, materials, new inventions and تا to the death of scientists and elders in various fields! If you look at your home calendar, you will see that some of the most important events are mentioned every day, and it can be said that every day is the anniversary of an event. But home calendars do not record these events in great detail, mentioning only some of them. Today in History – On this Day PremiumIs the title of a special application for viewing the history and events of each day, published by Alexandru C. Ene. Just install this startup and in addition to having an accurate calendar, add to your knowledge and information. One of the most important features in this program is the classification of each event into groups such as death, birth and…, which makes all the existing explanations separate from each other. Each event is accompanied by images so that the user can understand them in more detail. Content is available in more than 50 different languages ​​and you can activate any of them according to your needs. It is better not to miss this unique application and follow us to receive it.

Some features and capabilities of Today in History – On this Day Android app:

  • Extremely accurate and extensive content with a higher accuracy than Wikipedia
  • Access to content in 50 different languages
  • Offline mode to browse events without the need for internet access
  • Ability to search for any information you need
  • Professional widget for viewing events on the screen of your Android device
  • Accompanying each of the available events with related images

Application Today in History – On this Day to take advantage of the features and capabilities of its own has been able to pay in-network 2.49 dollar Points fantastic 4.6 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version of the Premium it Download from the popular Usroid website ; All features are available in our version.


Today in History - On this Day Premium