Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad v2.3.0 – The role-playing game “Tom Clancy: Squadron of Professionals” for Android is
a very attractive and tactical game from the Tom Clancy series of games
tested online.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad – Tom Clancy: The Professional Squad is another game from the popular Tom Clancy action game series developed and developed by the famous Ubisoft company . After building a large number of games for eighth-generation consoles and computers, the company realized that its competitors were overtaking it in the mobile gaming segment. That’s why Ubisoft launched a section to build its mobile games on Tom Clancy games, and first other games like Tom Clancy’s ShadowBreakWhich was actually a mobile version of the popular The Division game. In the first month of the second half of 2020, the game company introduced and released another game from this series. The game is called Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad and is made just like ShadowBreak in a role-playing and tactical style. But this time, more efforts have been made to make the game more attractive, one of which is the relative improvement of the graphics and the increase of visual details in the game. But what made Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad more appealing than the graphics was the game developers’ interesting approach. They have designed heroes and anti-hero characters from popular Ubisoft games such as Rainbow Six®, Ghost Recon®, The Division®, Splinter Cell®, HAWX®, EndWar® to somehow make other old players These games should be encouraged to download and install them after learning about this issue.


Elite Squad


Game Tom Clancy’s Elite SquadIt has a very interesting and epic story. The story begins where many countries of the world are facing heavy public protests, and this issue turns from ordinary demonstrations into a serious crisis. Demonstrations are escalating into unimaginable violence and worrying many governments around the world. After a while, the UN realizes that these demonstrations and riots are not coincidental and are interrelated. As the situation changes, the organized group behind these cases is finally showing itself, and now governments are realizing that what they are facing is not a simple demonstration or street riot, but a It is an organizational and dangerous threat. You are in the role of the commander of a special military force that will be sent quickly to deal with this issue. You have to make your team members from elite and professional members to have a chance to win in dangerous situations against unpredictable enemies. Do not forget that your enemies are not simple guerrilla groups and coups, and they are a professional and organized army equipped with modern military equipment. The style of play is role-playing and tactical and strategic titles. You can build a team of 5 and compete. The characters in this game are famous heroes and anti-heroes of Ubisoft, including Sam Fisher, Nomad, Caveira, Megan, El Sueno, Walker. The main and important part of the game is the online PvP competition where you can compete with another opponent online. The whole Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad game and how to do it in the first educational part of the game will teach you. Various items, weapons and characters can be used during the competition, each of which can be upgraded individually.Download Usroid .

Additional notes:

  1. Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad has been pre-registered and is still in beta. This means that the game may not run properly on some devices.
  2. In addition to the main OBB data, an additional data (approximately 400 MB in size) is received from within the game itself in the first run, and more in-app updates may be released later.
  3. Currently, game servers are available for Iranian users, but if you fail to connect, change your IP.
  4. This game has a powerful security system and is also completely online, so there is no hacked or modded version for it.



Game installation and running instructions:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.ubisoft.tces folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.