ToolBox v6.5.14 – Feature-packed Android Toolbox Application
The original and complete version of the program is presented to you, dear users.

It must be accepted that today’s users are not looking for complicated apps. Given their daily routines, they need a startup app that can easily meet their needs. If you take a look at the Android reference market, Google Play, you will notice that if you want to install multiple apps to meet your needs, a large portion of your smartphone’s storage space will undoubtedly be used. This not only occupies storage space, but also affects all processing components. For this reason, an Iranian company has developed and released a native and practical application in an interesting move. The ToolBox app is the same startup app developed by Rahgosh and in this post, we intend to briefly discuss it and its features. If we want to have a simple and complete explanation for this software, we can consider it an all-in-one tool that will easily meet all the needs of its users. Every type of everyday tool you need is visible in this app. From professional engineering tools to special multimedia options, all are available to you in a minimalist dashboard. You may be able to see similar apps to ToolBox in the Android market, but we must say that ToolBox is the only startup app that provides more than 80 diverse tools in one place; although we should mention that these same features have made the ToolBox app one of the most popular Iranian Android apps in various festivals. The ultimate and general goal of the development team is to increase the ease of working with smartphones and quickly meet the needs, which with a glance at the app and the recorded comments, you will notice their increasing success. You are not faced with any restrictions to use the available tools and if you use some tools multiple times a day, you can add them to your favorites list.

Some features and capabilities of the ToolBox Android app:

  • Access to a collection of various features and tools in a simple environment
  • No restrictions on using all available tools
  • Categorization of features into 4 different main groups
  • An option to add your favorite tools to the wishlist
  • Dozens of HTML5-based games for entertainment anytime, anywhere
  • Watch the latest movies and TV series for free
  • Special e-commerce tools for ease in daily tasks
  • Multiple engineering tools for dear engineers and students

ToolBox application, with the use of various features and a collection of capabilities in a simple environment, has been released for free by its developer and has received a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users. You can now download the latest version of this feature-rich startup from the dedicated and high-speed servers of the Usroid website without any restrictions on the available tools.