File Manager Pro v1.40 – Powerful and full-featured Android file manager application
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File Manager Pro is a new and full-fledged Android file manager developed by Best App – Top Droid Team and published on Google Play. With a wide range of features and capabilities, this software allows its users to easily manage all their files and execute the necessary commands in the simplest possible way. From common grammar options such as copy, move, delete, and تا to new features such as storage memory analysis are all included in this file manager to get a new experience in this field by installing it. One of the best features of this software is the file sharing mode in Hotspot mode, which allows other programs such as ShareITAnd you will not need ZPIA and all information is transferred on the Wi-Fi platform. Also, unlike other file managers in the Android Market, there is a set of formats supported by this app that enables the user to run the files without any problems! If you are looking for a great file management software with a set of features, do not miss Top Droid File Manager.

Some features and capabilities of Android File Manager Pro:

  • Browse your file types and documents as easily as possible
  • Supports all types of external memory, SD cards and flash drives
  • Hotspot mode support for data sharing
  • Professional memory analysis to delete extra files
  • Ability to store and transfer your data to cloud servers
  • Manage files on lan networks
  • Ability to run your files in specific and various formats
  • Intelligently manage all downloaded files
  • Execute and exit zip files
  • Specific management options for rooted devices

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Top Droid File Manager Pro