TOP SEED Tennis v2.53.2 + Mod – Android tennis coaching and management game
Normal version + mod version (money, gold and infinite energy) separately
Tested with offline performance

TOP SEED Tennis – Tennis Coaching, published under the full name TOP SEED Tennis: Sports Management Simulation Game on Google Play, is a tennis management coaching simulation game produced and developed for free by the French studio Gaminho Is. In this game, in the role of a versatile tennis coach, you have to pay your tennis players in a complete and professional manner and prepare them for important and breathtaking competitions. In fact, your job is to hire a young tennis player and help him achieve his dream of participating in international competitions and championships. In the beginning, you can participate in various tournaments so that not only your player but also you can gain experience and be able to discover and eliminate your managerial and coaching shortcomings. You can improve him in various fields by upgrading your tennis player and gradually turn this inexperienced young man from an amateur athlete into a professional champion. TOP SEED Tennis: Sports Management Simulation Game has a stage section called Career Mode, which is the main part of  this game. In this section, you have to coach from the beginning of the presence of a simple tennis player to the qualification to participate in championships and world competitions, and by managing and applying the right decisions, the right path to turn your open tennis player into the main champion. And smooth yourself into a legend. But that’s not all you need to succeed! You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business, including training with a tennis player and other technical staff to build a successful team and take the right steps to achieve victory.




Much effort has been made to transform the TOP SEED Tennis: Sports Management Simulation Game from a simple management game to an evolved simulator. That is why you will struggle with many challenges in the game sections. Leaving aside the technical and specialized issues of the game, it should be said that the interesting graphics and designs of TOP SEED Tennis are one of its strengths. Appropriate graphics with high detail along with three-dimensional designs of tennis courts and attention to small and large details have made this game receive a relatively good score in terms of graphic content. Of course, in fact, the whole game is followed in the management sections and in a complex way, and there is no news of momentary competitions and the possibility of playing directly as an open tennis player on the court. In short, you have to take the necessary steps for your player before each match and make the necessary decisions. Then, after completing this task, you can enter the competitions and just be like a coach watching the competitions, which of course are shown briefly, and each competition lasts one to two minutes. This beautiful game, which recently exceeded 1 million downloads on Google Play, has a score of 4.2 out of 5.0. In the following, you can download the normal and modded version of this game as a test from Usroid servers.