Total RAM Speed ​​Booster v5.0.4 – Application to strengthen RAM and increase the speed of Android games,
the purchased version for $ 2.99, presented to you dear ones

One of the problems that many users face when playing heavy games is playing games slowly, which in most cases confuses the user and discourages him from continuing the game! This is a problem not only for gamers but sometimes for other applications as well because of background programs and excessive RAM! Total RAM Speed ​​Booster Paid is a professional application for boosting the speed of Android phonesPublished by Alien IOVA. This wonderful application with its innovative technique detects unused background programs and by stopping them, allocates a much greater amount of resources to the running software or game. There are two different ways to stop background activity, in the first case the program is so-called frozen and will not be activated until you re-run, and in the second case the program will stop. One of the most important features included in this software is the extraordinary system of automatic acceleration at different time intervals, so that there is no need to run Total RAM Speed ​​Booster anymore and programs are stopped completely automatically.

Some features and capabilities of Total RAM Speed ​​Booster Android application:

  • RAM speed booster and game speed boost
  • Powerful screen widgets for professional application management
  • Automatic increase of RAM speed at different time intervals
  • Automatic boost of RAM when over-occupying available resources
  • Create a whitelist to prevent your favorite apps from being stopped
  • CPU consumption analysis
  • Four different speed boost modes
  • Speed ​​notifications

Total RAM Speed ​​Booster app has been able to get a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 by supporting its innovative system in boosting RAM and increasing the speed of games with its price of $ 2.99, which you can now buy the latest version of it Download for free from the huge database of Usroid site.

Changes in version v5.0.4:

* Program fixes + various optimizations


Total RAM Speed Booster