Toucher Pro is a popular application with a score of 4.7 in Play Store in terms of quick access to settings for the Android operating system , which is another product of the GO programming group. This software, which is the fastest, easiest and most configurable settings application, with which you can access all the different parts of your smartphone; So that after installing the program, a small shape will be created next to your screen, selecting it will open many menus, and you can create your own favorites list and enter the necessary programs in it to Get instant access to them!

In this application, there is a section for managing templates and setting them so that users can easily design the environment they like according to their taste and bring the experience of the best management software and access to settings on their mobile phones.

Some features and capabilities of Toucher Pro Android application:

* Having very beautiful and dedicated icons and emoticons for programs

* Having incredibly beautiful themes with the possibility of downloading from the Internet for free

* Ability to create shortcuts in a panel for easy and fast access

* Ability to fully customize the program with tab color change, panel size and ..

* Virtual control key for quick access to home, return and menu (root required)

* Being free and not having any annoying ads

In Usroid, we have provided the latest version of the Toucher Pro application for you, dear users, which you can download by clicking to read more مطلب

 Changes in version v1.26: (Pro and premium versions)

* Added new functions
* Improved performance and fixed multiple issues


Download Toucher Pro - application for quick access to Android settings




Download Toucher Pro Android APK - New Free



Download Toucher Pro Android APK - New Free