Touchless Notifications Pro v4.03 – Full screen and touchless Android application,
purchased version for $ 2.75, presented to you dear users

Many of us in some cases while working or while driving can not answer incoming messages or calls; One of the best possible ways in such cases is to take advantage of the endless possibilities of the Android operating system ! Touchless Notifications ProTitle is an application software for responding to incoming notifications without touching the screen, developed and published by DYNA Logix. By installing this program and supporting a powerful engine, you no longer need to run applications to respond to incoming notifications, and you will be able to easily respond to the text of your incoming messages with a speech system. As it is clear in the title of the article, after receiving the notifications, all of them are displayed in full screen so that in case of any disturbance in the playback of the text of the announcement, you can easily view it. Various settings are included in Touchless, among which we can mention the silence of the program at specified times; This feature prevents you from running your apps, notifications in your important business meetings, and doing your work activities safely. Apart from the main feature of Touchless Notifications Pro, which we have described to you dear ones, some different tools are also included in this software, which can be considered as a way to manage the device more easily, for example, battery percentage and processor temperature. View the device or play your favorite music. Everything is controllable and by accessing the settings you will be able to customize them to your liking.


Touchless Notifications Pro


Touchless Notifications Pro application has been able to get a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 by Google Play users by supporting a unique and powerful system with a price of $ 2.75, which can now be accessed by accessing the latest version of Usroid database . Get.