With a simple reflection, it can be said that none of the tools at your disposal play a role in your life as much as your mobile or smart devices. Due to the widespread use of smartphones in all parts of the country, providing services in the form of Android devices can be considered one of the best options available, which Tourism Bank, like other Iranian institutions and banks, has used properly. Is. Tourism Bank – with Tourism Bank as the title of mobile banking applicationTourism is developed and published by the same bank for Android. From now on, in order to facilitate their work and activities, the customers of this bank can easily receive a full range of services only in the form of a startup and eliminate their unnecessary referrals. All you need to do is have an Android device so that you can view your account and bank card balances, the latest account turnovers and various reports at any time. You no longer need to go through complicated steps to buy a recharge, and you just need to run this program intelligently.

Some features and capabilities of the Tourism Bank Android application:

  • View your card balance
  • Ability to transfer money from card to card
  • Pay various bills by scanning the barcode or entering the bill ID
  • Buy credit SIM card recharge
  • Request a quick card block if there are any problems or missing
  • Receive deposit-based services such as balance check, interbank money transfer and…
  • Simple and very easy user interface
  • Access to all facilities at any time and place
  • Save time for Tourism Bank customers

Tourism Bank application , having many different features and capabilities, has been able to eliminate many unnecessary references so far, and now the customers of this bank can download the latest version of it from the direct links of Usroid website ; The following version is the version that Tourism Bank has offered on its website and we have offered it for download at your request.

Changes in version v6.1.0:

* For this version of the program, no changes have been mentioned by the developer Yankee.


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