Tower Defense: New Realm TD v1.2.62 + Mod – A strategic and fascinating game “New Realm” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (Infinite Gold) separately
Tested by running offline

Tower Defense: New Realm TD – برج دفاعی: قلمروی جدید is another fantasy and entertaining game from the Russian studio, stereo7 games, which has been developed and released in the strategic Tower Defense genre. Stereo7 games studio has a great interest in TD or Tower Defense games and exclusively works on creating games in this genre. Some of the most popular games that have been previously introduced on Usroid are games like Steampunk Syndicate, Steampunk Defense, Last Day Defense, and Camp Defense. By clicking on the name of each game, you can go to the dedicated page for that game and easily download the latest version of the games along with their modified versions from Usroid. In this article, we have decided to introduce another well-made and lovable game from this studio for you, which has a more classic feel than other games from this studio. This game, Tower Defense: New Realm TD or برج دفاعی: قلمروی جدید, tells the story of an ancient kingdom’s battle against demonic forces. Stay tuned with Usroid for the introduction and release of this beautiful game.


Tower Defense: New Realm TD


Unlike many other tower defense games that don’t have a specific storyline, Tower Defense: New Realm TD has an exciting and captivating plot. The story revolves around an ancient kingdom where people live in peace and harmony. However, the greed of one of the important figures in the kingdom changes everything. The abbot, the great monk of the cathedral, poisons the people’s water with a demonic spell and turns them into his slaves. In the next stage, he uses demonic methods to attract demonic forces and build an army to destroy the kingdom and become its ruler. You decide to stand against Abbot and his demonic forces in the role of one of the royal guards alongside the few remaining loyal forces of the kingdom. Your job is to defend the borders of the kingdom against enemy attacks. Your task is to build and manage defensive towers and royal forces. There are many heroes to serve you, and you can unlock them with game points and add them to your group. On the other side, your enemies are dangerous and demonic forces that increase in number and become more diverse and dangerous as the game progresses. In each level of Tower Defense: New Realm TD, your task is to place defensive towers and various forces on the enemy’s path to prevent them from approaching the borders of the kingdom. This can only be done with strategic and tactical decisions. Tower Defense: New Realm TD, with its cartoonish yet attractive graphics and visible and captivating effects, can be a very entertaining game for tower defense enthusiasts. To learn more about the gameplay style of the game, you can watch the game trailer video and then download the latest version of the game for free and tested via the direct links on Usroid.