Towerlands – strategy of tower defense v1.11 + Mod – “Land of Towers” strategy game for Android
Normal version + Mod version (unlimited money) individually
tested with offline execution

Towerlands – Land of TowersTotally called Towerlands – strategy of tower defense, it is the title of a strategy game in the style of tower defense games (Tower Defense or TD), which is offered completely free of charge by Black Bears studio with in-app payment capability. Usroid will provide the new version of this game on Google Play as soon as it is released, and after various tests and reviews, will present it for download. In addition to the original version, we have also provided a modded version of the game Towerlands – strategy of tower defense for you so that loved ones who want to experience the game indefinitely can also experience this game. Towerlands – strategy of tower defense, as its name suggests, is a game in the style of tower defense games. In this game, like many other similar games in the same genre, you control a kingdom. This territory is being attacked by a large number of enemies and you have to work hard to defend it. Enemy attacks take the form of back-to-back waves. After each attack wave, the next wave includes more enemies as well as the addition of new and stronger enemies.


Towerlands - strategy of tower defense


در Towerlands – strategy of tower defenseYour main task is to build a line of defense from different forces. Your enemies, who are evil creatures, will invade your territory, and if you can not stop them, they will enter your territory and destroy your kingdom. Therefore, you must protect your borders with all your might. In Towerlands – strategy of tower defense, you can upgrade various items that you have in your city and improve their performance. These items include both defense towers and your various forces. Each time you upgrade them, your forces become more powerful and destroy the enemies more than before. There are about 27 different types of forces in Towerlands – strategy of tower defense. Also, more than 5 types of buildings and towers can be built and upgraded in this game. During this game you will travel to 8 different locations and you will experience more than 1000 attack waves. If you are a fan of strategy and tower defense style games, Towerlands – strategy of tower defense will be a good choice for you. To get more acquainted with this game, you can watch the video trailer of the game or see its screenshot images. If you wish, you can also play this game in two normal and modded versions of high-speed serversDownload Usroid . It is noteworthy that this game has registered more than 1,000,000 downloads on Google Play and has managed to get a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 .