Towers N ‘Trolls is one of the most popular, exciting and addictive tower defense style games for the Android operating system and is offered for free, with more than ten thousand frames and lovely and extremely beautiful animations. Brings the best strategy game on your Android phone. This game, which was originally released for iPhones, finally, after a long time, we are witnessing the release of the Android version, which, despite its small size, has excellent graphics, and with a score of 4.7 out of 5 in the Play Store, is one of the best games.Are also considered strategic. In this game, you have to use various tools and defensive turrets, various traps and powerful weapons to prevent the advancement of various enemies that are attacking you! The enemy may destroy your defensive towers with a remote catapult, which you must prepare professionally for everything!

You will fight with different enemies in amazing places and among various forests and you will experience one of the most graphic and exciting strategy games!

Some features of Towers N ‘Trolls Android game:

* Having 70 different and very exciting stages

* Having 4 game modes (story, challenging, open mode and endless journey)

* Play in 10 different and completely diverse worlds in completely different environments!

* Battle with dozens of enemy types with thousands of frames of animations

* Having three difficulty modes (easy, medium and hard)

* Being different and varied achievements in the game to increase the excitement

* Availability of destructive weapons including catapults and various toxins

If you like playing Towers N ‘Trolls in his Andrvydfvn can experience the newest version of Usroid for free download photos. Of course, it goes without saying that the version of the game in front of you does not require separate data to run, and the entire game database is collected in an installation file with a volume of about 50 MB! Join us to see pictures of the game…


Download Towers N 'Trolls - addictive tower defense game for Android




Download Towers N’ Trolls Android APK NEW - FREE



Download Towers N’ Trolls Android APK NEW - FREE