Traffic Monitor Plus is a powerful and superior application for monitoring traffic and measuring the traffic of data consumed by Wi-Fi, phone calls and SMS, which is offered for Android. The above program allows you to instantly monitor the traffic data exchanged, and with its many features such as download and upload speed testing can be the best tool for people who deal with the Internet! All the tools of this application are divided into 5 categories: Internet data traffic monitoring, call monitoring, SMS counter, speedometer and task management, which we will review and list:

* Task management to stop running processes

* View information exchanged while using the Internet

* View complete statistics of your internet usage in the past days and months

* View the talk rate of incoming and outgoing phone calls in full

* Ability to measure and display speed and latency in wireless connections

* Display battery status (level, voltage , temperature)

* Display mobile network such as antenna and signal strength information

* View the traffic consumed by each program accurately

* Having dedicated widgets in different sizes for the home screen

Undoubtedly, Traffic Monitor Plus is the best tool for managing and controlling the amount of traffic consumed, which is offered for free, and Usroid provides you with the latest version.


Download Traffic Monitor Plus - Android traffic monitoring program