trakAx MovieExpress is the most powerful, best and most complete video mixing software with great features for the Android operating system , which despite its money and high price, has been uniquely welcomed, and with its many capabilities, it allows users to do so. Allows you to create high quality HD image files by combining photos, music, and videos, or trim gallery videos. In a simple environment, you can make professional changes to photos, put custom text on photos and videos , apply beautiful effects on videos, delete any part of the video you want, or with Create a professional video by combining your photos and putting music on it with ready-made effects! This app looks like an appIs the famous Yolid and has almost all its features and we recommend it to all users who are looking for the most complete and best program for mixing and editing video files! The program has a very interesting and user-friendly interface with a toolbar on the left that allows you to easily and quickly access the tools of the program and use all its features without any ambiguity!

Some features and capabilities of trakAx MovieExpress Android app:

  • Create HD quality videos from your favorite images and music mix
  • Ability to display gallery images as a slideshow in the program
  • Ability to cut custom parts of videos and save the final videos
  • Having an advanced audio editor for professional music editing
  • Ability to add custom text to photos and videos with custom colors and fonts
  • Add different and default borders and effects to video images
  • Ability to save videos made on 1080p full HD memory
  • Supports several live languages ​​of the world including English, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Portuguese
  • Easy user interface with drag and drop capability
  • Share video on social networks YouTube, Facebook, Gmail and more

The unique software trakAx MovieExpress is currently sold in the Android Market at a price of $ 5 , which despite being not free, has been well received and has a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 , which we in Usroid today have the latest version of today. We have published for you! You can watch the 7-minute video of the program environment by referring to the following and realize the features of this powerful program! Note that: If your phone has 1 GB of RAM, you can save videos in 480 pixels, and if it has 2 GB of RAM, you can save videos in 1080 pixels full HD quality…