Treasures of the Deep in Persian ( Deep Treasures) is a new and challenging game with high graphics in the style of intellectual games and puzzles for the Android operating system , which is available for free download on Google Play. The story of the game is that Arabella’s father is lost in his latest project, which is a device for exploring the treasures hidden in the deep sea, and Arabella goes a deep way to find him and in 80 exciting and extremely beautiful stages. Bring an experience of adventure and a different puzzle game to your Android smartphone.

Your task in each stage is to place different crystals next to each other by shifting each other to eliminate similar crystals and advance to the next stage. You will play in incredibly beautiful and enjoyable places such as scary sunken ships in the depths of the sea, enchanting coral reefs and in amazing environments, and the stunning beautiful effects and excellent graphics of that experience. Bring the best adventure puzzle game on your Android phone.

Some features of Treasures of the Deep Android game:

* Play in exciting places and environments such as coral reefs

* Includes 80 challenging, diverse and different stages

* Having colored and different crystals in the game to avoid duplication

* Display stunning effects when removing game crystals

* Simple controllers for easy and fast movement of crystals by the player

* Having fantastic graphics compared to its small size

If you want to experience the Treasures of the Deep puzzle game on your Android phone, you can download the latest version for free with a direct link from Usroid . Join us to see pictures of the game environment and watch a trailer of it…



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