Trinus VR v2.2.2 – Computer games application in Android virtual reality glasses
purchased version worth $ 9.99

One of the top technologies that has started to develop in different countries in the last few years is virtual reality glasses, which are being added to the users of these glasses day by day. Due to the limitations, this technology can only be used when using certain programs and games; But this time too, the enthusiastic Android developers have started working on a program that can be run with virtual reality glasses and computer games. Trinus VR is a professional program for playing virtual reality computer games by Odd Sheep for Android operating systemIt has been published. An outstanding feature that can initially attract users’ attention is the lack of any special hardware required to run games in virtual reality, which brings the ability of a new experience for each user. The app is compatible with many virtual reality glasses and you can play for hours in your favorite gameplay without any restrictions. Trinus VR is also optimized and designed to be compatible with many games, and users will be able to transfer their favorite games to virtual reality glasses without any problems.

Some features and capabilities of Trinus VR Android:

  • Supports all computer games such as GTA, Elite Dangerous and Minecraft
  • Complete detection of all head movements to view surroundings in games
  • SteamVR support for games without VR controllers
  • Compatible with all virtual reality glasses including Google Cardboard, Homido, FreeFly, VR One, GearVR, and…
  • Wireless gameplay with turbocharged function with USB port connection
  • Unlimited gameplay in the use of virtual reality glasses

Due to its special features and winning the ZEISS VR award, the Trinus VR app has earned a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 by Play Store users with a price of $ 9.99 , and you can now purchase the purchased version of this attractive software from Get a huge Usroid database .


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