Trio – Puzzle Dungeon Heroes v0.6 – A small puzzle game “Three-person puzzles” for Android,
purchased and complete version of the game for $ 0.99, presented to you,
tested with offline execution

Trio – Puzzle Dungeon Heroes – Triple Puzzle is a very interesting and fun game with very simple designs and ideas, which is made and offered in the form of a puzzle-style game and is available for Android players around the world for $ 1. Is. The game is developed, developed and published by the independent studio Lukas Jaco, a one-man studio in Slovakia. As always, this time we decided to prepare another interesting and entertaining game in a purchased and complete form, and after the necessary tests and reviews, we will introduce and offer it as the first Iranian website to serve you without any Problem and without the need to pay any cost, install this paid game in a paid and unlocked form on your device and enjoy. Trio – Puzzle Dungeon Heroes is an interesting adaptation of old classic puzzles, especially games such asPush Maze Puzzle has been created and developed. In this game, which seems very simple and trivial, you have to solve dozens of enigmatic and intellectual stages by shaking the game items. The most important of these items are three funny friends who are small creatures. They are stuck in different places and only together and together can they solve the puzzles of the game.


Trio - Puzzle Dungeon Heroes


در Trio – Puzzle Dungeon HeroesYou are not faced with trivial and simple puzzles, but what you have to deal with are logical and physical puzzles that are designed in the simplest possible way. Your main goal in each stage of the game is to place the characters on specific points. Puzzles will not be solved if all points are not filled by the game characters. Each of these characters has specific characteristics that may be to your advantage or disadvantage. So how you use their capabilities is up to you. Each stage of the game has its own shape and challenges. In many cases you will have to use the help of these characters at the same time. The challenges of this game are very attractive and at the same time fun and can be a great way to strengthen your mind. A total of 25 different stages have been designed in Trio – Puzzle Dungeon Heroes, which according to the manufacturer, the number of these stages increases every month and each time the main updates. This attractive and compact game comes with simple designs but challenging gameplay and can challenge you for a long time and fill your free time in the best possible way. So do not procrastinate and get the latest version testedDownload Usroid . If you want to get more acquainted with the game style, you can watch the introductory trailer video that we have prepared for you. Trio – Puzzle Dungeon Heroes has managed to get a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 to date.