Troll Face Quest: Sports Puzzle v2.2.3 + Mod – Fun game “Ridiculous face and sports puzzles” for Android +
regular version trailer + mod version (unlimited tips) individually
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Troll Face Quest: Sports Puzzle – Ridiculous face and sports puzzles is another title in the Troll Face Quest puzzle game series, produced by the Dutch studio Spil Games and released for free. Usroid has prepared, reviewed and prepared this game at the same time with the release of this game on Google Play, and for the first time among all Iranian sites, it has published the latest version of it along with its modded version for you dear ones. If with a series of ridiculous face games or Troll Face Quest such as Troll Face Quest TV Shows , Troll Face Quest Classic , Troll Face Quest Internet Memes or Troll Face Quest: UnluckyBe aware, you probably know that these games are made and released with a completely different attitude than other video games. In this game, everything is ridiculous! Even the creator of the game himself says in introducing this title that you should be ready to be ridiculed! Although this idea seems very strange and meaningless, but it must be said that Spil Games studio has found many fans with this idea. In fact, perhaps it is better to say that the turning point of this series of games is their ridiculous and tasteless attitude! Because some things, when they are too tasteless, in turn become fun, and the Troll Face Quest game series is exactly the obvious example of this. However, it should be said that you should not take this game seriously because everything you see in it has nothing to do with reality!


Troll Face Quest: Sports Puzzle


بازی Troll Face Quest: Sports PuzzleThis time he went to sports puzzles. During this game, many puzzles will be placed in your path that you must solve with thought and concentration. But we emphasize again, the whole nature and content of this game is ridiculous and far from expected! So do not look for very specific or professional points in these puzzles and try to find the stupidest possible solutions to solve them. Some stages of the game are even just seemingly like puzzles, but there is nothing mysterious in them. These steps are designed solely to intimidate players with humorous and silly ideas. Many stages of the game also show the true nature of trolls who have a special habit of harassment. In general, it should be said that this game is designed in the sense of a ridiculous word, but these designs and ridiculous ideas are fun and entertaining for many players. During the game you can use the Tips feature to solve puzzles. In many cases, you have to find hidden items in the picture and do a strange thing with them! Troll Face Quest: Sports Puzzle has very simple cartoon designs. This game is currently being tested in two versions, normal and modUsroid is ready for download. So if you want to experience a completely different game, try Troll Face Quest: Sports Puzzle. It is worth mentioning that Troll Face Quest: Sports Puzzle with a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play.

Changes in version v2.2.3:

* Fixed bugs and game problems
* Optimized and improved performance