[True Phone Dialer & Contacts v2.0.3 [Pro – Android Number and Professional Audience Management App
Professional version with access to all features

Undoubtedly, we all have dozens of contacts stored on the SIM card or device memory, which has been time consuming due to the increase in these numbers, and we cannot have complete control over all our stored contacts. There are several ways to manage contacts on smart devices, one of the best of which is to use apps specific to the same activity. True Phone Dialer & Contacts pro Unlocked is a comprehensive and professional program for managing contacts and replacing the Android smartphone dialer.Developed by Hamster Beat and published in the Google Play Store. With its set of features, this app gives you an experience beyond a simple dialer and enables anyone to fully monitor all of its contacts. Easily view all contacts on a single page and use a T9 page to search for them. To access your friends’ numbers, categorize them into different groups and experience everything differently!

Some features and capabilities of the True Phone Dialer & Contacts Android app:

  • Access a professional T9 page with the ability to search for contacts
  • Smart display of recent calls
  • Supports creating multiple tabs simultaneously
  • Modern design with high personalization capability
  • Supports various themes
  • View and edit your contacts in one place
  • Create new contacts in specific accounts
  • Add personal details to each Kodak number of your contacts
  • Easy contact with your friends on social networks
  • Create and edit different groups of contacts
  • Organize your favorite items

Based on a set of special and unique features, the True Phone Dialer & Contacts app has been able to score 4.7 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with more than 5 million active downloads , which is now the newest. Get the professional version from the popular Usroid website .


True Phone Dialer & Contacts