Trumpet Songs Pro – Learn To Play v18 – Trumpet simulation and training application for Android,
purchased and complete version for $ 6.99 for the first time in Iran

There are various instruments around the world by which musicians create their favorite music. Meanwhile, some instruments have a different appearance and are used in certain situations. If we look at these instruments, we can see that the trumpet is one of the most popular, which is one of the brass instruments and is in the soprano range. One of the main reasons for using the trumpet is the ability to create the following sound, which is the best among other brass instruments! But it is better to know that learning this instrument is difficult and those who are interested in it should have continuous and complete exercises. One of the problems faced by those who are interested in this instrument is the lack of various training classes, so that in each city or province, only certain people can train the trumpet at a very high cost. کردن.Trumpet Songs Pro – Learn To Play is a trumpet simulation and training application developed by Learn To Master and published on Google Play. As it is clear from the title of the post, this software is a very convenient and accurate simulator of Trumpet that helps you to play your favorite music completely virtually. All the details and keys are made with exemplary precision and the slightest touch of the screen is accompanied by a reaction maker. Users of this special program, after using it, get acquainted with how to place their fingers, and when using a real trumpet, they face the least error and mistake! Learn the types of trumpet notes with this simulator and play each one to record in your mind several times. Continuous use of the above software allows you to get acquainted with reading music sheets and play various songs from beginner to professional.

Some features and capabilities of Trumpet Songs Pro – Learn To Play Android app:

  • Clever and accurate trumpet simulation without any errors
  • Learn how to position your fingers to play a flawless instrument
  • Learn to read musical notes
  • Play a variety of organized songs for beginners to professionals
  • A set of settings to make any changes to suit your needs

The Trumpet Songs Pro – Learn To Play app has been released on Google Play by its developer for $ 6.99 with a unique training system. Note that this version of the program has not been sold yet and by receiving the purchased version from Usroid website, you will undoubtedly be one of the first users in Iran and the world.


Trumpet Songs Pro - Learn To Play