Truth or Dare v25.3.7 + Mod – An interesting and enjoyable game of Truth or Dare for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlocking all questions) separately available
Tested for offline play

Truth or Dare – جرأت یا حقیقت is the title of a trivia game genre that has been released by the game studio nixGames for Android devices. Trivia or knowledge is one of the new genres of mobile games that has been able to attract a large community of gamers. Truth or Dare is also one of the games in this genre that is undoubtedly a familiar name and you have probably heard of it before and seen it in foreign films and series. With a very simple gameplay, Truth or Dare has entered the Android market and has received more than 1,000,000 downloads and over 1000 feedbacks from gamers around the world. Therefore, if you also intend to spend your leisure time with an exciting and entertaining game, we recommend that you never miss Truth or Dare! The game of Truth or Dare is more popular among young people but at the same time, it is suitable for all ages. This game is one of the best ways to have fun in friendly gatherings and challenge your friends and reveal their secrets. In the original and traditional game of Truth or Dare, a bottle is used, and the game is played by a group of people who sit in a circle and spin the bottle. When the bottle stops spinning, it points to a person who is then chosen to do a difficult task or answer a difficult question.


Truth or Dare


The whole game can be summarized in just a few lines, and it’s that simple. Now, you have to do all these things in the Truth or Dare game on a mobile device. This game has hundreds of non-repetitive and original questions and tasks, and has very rich content compared to other similar games. There are different packages in the game that are specific to friends, young couples, people under 18, and many other groups. There are 5 levels of difficulty in the game that you can choose based on the social aspect you’re in. Visually and graphically, this game has a minimalist design and allows you to choose from 6 very beautiful themes. The number of people who can enter the game simultaneously is unlimited, and anyone can enter the game at any time and specify their name and gender. Fortunately, the controls are very simple and there’s nothing you can’t handle. Overall, we can give a good score to this game and recommend it to people who are interested in group games. The Usroid team intends to provide this exciting and thrilling game to you for free, fully tested. At the end of this article, you can download the original version of the game along with its modded version without any restrictions from our servers and enjoy playing it!