As you know, for several years now, there has been extensive publicity for the non-face-to-face performance of banking services, and the increasing use of these services is reducing traffic, speeding up operations, time management, and so on. In this regard, various banks have published a program to perform their services in absentia, among which we can mention the Cooperative Development Bank. ttbank (Tose’e Ta’avon Bank) with Cooperative Development Bank Mobile Banking Application TitleCooperative development is published by the same bank for Android. By providing you with access to a variety of tools and functions, this software allows you to perform a series of actions completely offline and do anything in the fastest possible time without wasting time. To pay your installments, you no longer need to visit the bank in person, and all you have to do is refer to the option in the program and pay your installments by entering the required information. In addition, the card management system helps you to perform a set of actions without the need for ATMs, anytime and anywhere.

Some features and capabilities of ttbank Android application:

  • Ability to receive the ID of the night
  • Ability to receive inventory
  • View bank deposit invoices
  • View bills and turnover of deposits through analytical charts
  • Ability to transfer money between your deposits
  • Interbank money transfer through a reliable system
  • Inquiry at night in interbank transactions
  • Create destination deposit lists
  • See the last three rounds of the card
  • Ability to block cards in case of loss
  • View facility list
  • Ability to record the amount of checks
  • Fingerprint capability!
  • Buy recharges for mobile operators
  • Card to card transfer
  • Create a list of origin and destination cards
  • Track all transactions

The ttbank application, with its various facilities and capabilities in the field of electronic banking, has been able to reduce many face-to-face visits, and now you can download the latest version of this state-owned bank application from the large Usroid website ; The forthcoming version of the Mobile Bank Cooperative Development Bank software is its original and official version, which you can download with one click.

Changes in version v6.8.7:

* No changes have been mentioned by the developer bank for this version of the program.