TV Cast Pro v1.2 – Android page sharing app with smart TV
Purchased and complete version for $ 9.99

TV Cast ProTitle is an application for sharing the screen of Android smartphones with smart TVs, which was developed by MiracastForAndroidToTv and published on Google Play. One of the reasons for the growing popularity of Android smartphones is the capabilities and features that are practical and in many cases make users happy. To play a multimedia file or play music on our TVs, we need players or portable memory, which ultimately leads to physical connections! But today, smartphones are trying to break down these simple physical connections. That’s why we are seeing an increase in Mirror Casts! Apps that help cast the screen of our phones. However, one of the best of these smart apps is TV Cast Pro. The above program allows users to share your smartphone screen with your Smart TV without the need for any physical connections and easily run any type of multimedia file. However, if you are also interested in playing images on large screens, do not miss this post and stay with us.

Experience playing quality multimedia files on smart TVs with the help of TV Cast Pro

One of the reasons why we introduce TV Cast Pro software to you dear ones is the very high quality of file playback. The above app, with the benefit of the latest communication methods as well as having a stable connection, will allow images or video files to be played on the screen of your smart TV without the slightest delay or problem. Just connect your phone to the TV and then go to the data storage to play your files.

Share and view any type of file

As we mentioned in the initial description, if you look at the Android Market, you will encounter a variety of software in this field. Apps that each have their limitations. One of the limitations that we sometimes see in this example of programs is the limitation of the display file type. However, the creators of TV Cast Pro, knowing that this restriction is annoying, have tried to remove it and allow users to easily do whatever they want. It does not matter if you are running a file or if you are going to play for hours, whatever is displayed on your smartphone screen will also be displayed on your Smart TV.

Supports all types of smart TVs

Another feature of TV Cast Pro software that attracts our attention is its support for all types of smart TVs. To download this app, we do not need to share a long list of supported devices with you, but it is enough for your smart TV to have a Wi-Fi connection so that you can share the screen with it in just a few clicks. .

Some features and capabilities of TV Cast Pro Android app:

  • Share the screen of Android smart devices with smart TVs
  • Very high quality images shown on smart TVs
  • Very easy to communicate with just one hint
  • Support for all types of smart TVs on the market
  • Ability to run file types or page sharing while playing the game
  • Very simple and easy user interface

TV Cast Pro application has been released by its developer with a price of $ 9.99 and has received a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 by users, taking advantage of its special features and capabilities in various fields . Now you can download the latest version of this smart app without any restrictions from the powerful servers of Usroid website .


TV Cast Pro