Twin Moons: Object Finding Game v0.12.1100 + Mod – “Twin Months” adventure and puzzle game for Android
Normal version + mod version (infinite money) separately
Tested with offline performance

Twin Moons: Object Finding Game – Twin Months is another well-made and beautiful game from the Swedish studio G5 Entertainment in the style of adventure and puzzle games, which is offered for free and is offered on Google Play. G5 Entertainment is one of the game development companies known for making and publishing puzzle and adventure games, and has also been active in making puzzle and jigsaw puzzle games. One of the most popular style of games made by this studio is the Object Finding style, and Twin Moons is one of these games. The studio has previously released a variety of other games such as Match Town Makeover, Jewels of the Wild West, The Hidden Treasures, Hidden City®: Hidden Object Adventure and Sheriff of Mahjong, which we have included in other content. From Farsroid, we have prepared for you dear ones, and in this article, from Farsroid site, we intend to once again prepare another game from this manufacturer for you, my constant friends and companions, and prepare the latest version along with a separate mod version for Download. Follow us in introducing and reviewing this beautiful and fun game.

Twin Moons: Object Finding Game

Twin Moons: Object Finding GameIt tells the story of someone whose father suddenly disappears. The father of the main character of the game is a researcher and scientist who worked on transcendental activities and seems to have succeeded in finding an ancient portal that is a way to travel to a parallel world, but after he did so The great Kurdish discovery disappeared strangely and mysteriously. In the role of the main character of the game, you decide to find your lost father with the help of your father’s tips and manuscripts, find the mysterious portal and travel to a parallel and mysterious world. A world that, although it does not look very different, has special events and characters in it. In this adventurous journey, you travel to unknown lands and encounter various characters. In Twin Moons: Object Finding Game You have to challenge your mental abilities in several parts and by solving the puzzles of the game, which are often in the style of hidden objects, you can find enough clues for this strange story so that you can finally find your father. But will you succeed? What is the hidden story of this game? Do you manage to discover the truth? If you are a fan of this style of games, you can download it from the box right now Farsroid Get the latest version of this game for free and tested in normal or mod mode.