Twisted Lands: Origin is a new and very beautiful game with stunning graphics and hours of gameplay in the style of intellectual and puzzle games for the Android operating system. The story of the game takes place on a remote and wonderful island called Tormente, where you will play the role of a clever detective who always discovers great puzzles with confidence in his intellect! The detective travels to the island of Tormente to find a young woman, and during the trip he encounters strange creatures that eventually have to be rescued from these creatures by relying on your thinking and intelligence.

You need to get rid of the island by solving the puzzles and get out of the island quickly before it’s too late! This game confronts you with stunning artwork and great old-fashioned tools, and you have to go through many puzzles in dozens of exciting and scary places.

Some features of Twisted Lands: Origin Android game:

* More than 50 different and exciting places to explore

* More than 45 different scenes and objects to discover and find

* Play in very beautiful and real places

* Incredible and stunning game design

* Excellent graphics and HD gameplay along with exciting music

* Hours of gameplay with step-by-step instruction

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Total game size: 610 MB Game price in Android Market: $ 1.99 —- Prerequisite: Android 2.3


Download Twisted Lands: Origin - the fantastic puzzle game Android Data




How to install and run the game: First download and install the apk file and then download the data file and decompress it with the code and the com.alawar.TwistedLandsOrigin.Full folder in the Android path. / obb Copy your SD card and finally run the game.

 Download Twisted Lands: Origin data file with a size of 609 MB


Download Twisted Lands: Origin Android APK OBB



Download Twisted Lands: Origin Android APK OBB



Download Twisted Lands: Origin Android APK OBB