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Using a keyboard is one of the main ways to enter information into a computer. Given that smartphones are also a type of computer, so the keyboard in these devices is also one of the main ways of entering information. Due to the small size of smartphones, it is not possible to use physical keyboards on them, and therefore virtual keyboards or software are used to enter information in the smartphone. Software keyboards have evolved a lot over the course of their lives, and now we have highly efficient keyboards that are very simple and easy to type. Of course, these keyboards have not yet been able to be as simple and easy as physical keyboards, and in any case, they are more difficult to use. These factors have led many people to abandon typing long texts with the phone keyboard and do so with computers or tablets with keyboards.Typing Hero Text Expander Auto-text is an application for simplifying typing long texts on the phone, for the Android operating system, developed by Djonny Stevens Abenz and published for free on Google Play. The way it works is that by defining different abbreviations for long phrases, you can simplify typing these phrases. For example, by defining www as an abbreviation for website address, you get rid of typing the address every time. This program is compatible with all types of Android keyboards and you can easily use it on any device

Some features and capabilities of Typing Hero Text Expander Auto-text Android application :

  • Simplify typing long phrases and text on the phone
  • Compatible with all types of Android keyboards
  • Ability to define a variety of phrases and abbreviations indefinitely
  • Prevent physical injuries from excessive typing
  • Ability to define automatic and manual abbreviations
  • Suggest abbreviations when typing words
  • Ability to go back and deactivate the abbreviation used
  • Ability to adjust the program for case sensitive
  • Ability to search the program
  • Ability to output program information in Excel file format
  • Ability to enter information into the program using the file
  • Has a dark theme for easier use and less eye irritation
  • Ability to copy created abbreviations
  • Date and time converter
  • Has translations for different languages

Application Typing Hero Text Expander Auto-text is a unique and very useful tool for typing long on the phone or tablet that has the consent of Android users Score 4.0 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the premium version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Version v0.4.32 changes : 

* Improved program performance


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