uLektz Books v1.40 – Android scientific and academic digital book collection application Unlocked
and complete version of the program without any restrictions

uLektz BooksIs the title of a collection of digital scientific and academic books by uLektz Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd Developed and published on Google Play. We all read different books throughout our lives. These books can have different topics. Some of these books are scientific or related to our field of study. However, today the reading of paper books has decreased. Permanent access to smart devices; It has led to the growth of digital books, unlike ordinary books. So that we see the publication of scientific and academic books in electronic formats. One of the problems that users may face; Lack of access to a suitable source to receive this category of books. Due to this issue, we intend to provide you with a wonderful app as the best Persian language Android website. The uLektz Books startup is a great resource for accessing academic textbooks in digital formats that allow you to meet your need for such books anytime, anywhere. Along with these books, notes from the existing content and various videos to each article will be available to you. These articles and videos allow you to increase your understanding of books and read them with more excitement. The books are available in two formats, PDF and Ipab, and the choice of each of them will depend only on you. For faster access of users to digital books, developer categorize them professionally so that you never get confused in choosing and finding different titles.

Some features and capabilities of uLektz Books Android application:

  • Access to a collection of digital scientific and academic books
  • Ability to receive books in two formats, ipab and pdf
  • The books are accompanied by summary texts and several wonderful videos of concepts
  • Categorize all books into various groups
  • Option to quickly search among books by various criteria
  • Access to all books without any restrictions (only in the published version of Usroid)
  • Execute downloaded books completely offline without the need for internet

ULektz Books application has been published for free on Google Play by its developer with the benefit of various features and capabilities in the field of access to scientific and academic books. Now you can download the latest unlocked version of this wonderful software without any restrictions on access to books from the popular and unique Usroid website .


uLektz Books