Ultra Explorer Pro [PREMIUM] v1.3.2 – Full- featured and professional Android file management application
Purchased version for $ 10.99 Dedicated to you dear users

Ultra Explorer Pro [PREMIUM] as a professional, unique and full-featured file management application for Android operating systemDeveloped by KShark Apps and published in the big Google Play Market. This software with support for an unlimited set of features enables anyone to access all files in memory and easily manage them. One of the most notable features that this program provides its users are features such as CPU controllers, program freezing, Prop Editor and support for otg cables that are only available on rooted devices. But thanks to the power of this file manager, you will have access to all of them. Simple and easy navigation menu, allows you to quickly search for files and manage them easily and gives you a new experience in the field of management; Just take a look at the features of Ultra Explorer Pro to realize that it can even be called the most complete file management system in Android.

Some features and capabilities of Ultra Explorer Pro [PREMIUM] Android application:

  • Simple navigation bar for easy access to all parts
  • Access features such as rooted devices such as copy, delete, edit access levels and…
  • Two modes of viewing files as list and network
  • Bookmark gestures for faster access to your favorite folders and files
  • Compare and calculate MD5 hashes for files
  • Compress files or unzip them
  • Quickly upload your files over the network for other users to access
  • Play a variety of audio and video formats to prevent the installation of miscellaneous programs
  • Find and delete duplicate files in the device memory
  • Specific algorithm to search for the files you need
  • View and manage PDF files with great features
  • Quick file sharing via qr barcodes
  • Support for ftp and http servers
  • Easy editing of build.prop files
  • Customize settings to increase device potential
  • Backup and restore build.prop files
  • Apply CPU frequency at boot
  • Full access to CPU history
  • Backup all available files and information
  • Professional contact management with the ability to back them up
  • Capture the quality of the surrounding sounds
  • Text editor

Application Ultra Explorer Pro [PREMIUM] With the series features a unique and endless able to price 10.99 dollars in the category of one of the best programs in the file manager has been rated 4.5 out of 5.0 by users, Google acquired Now you can download the latest version of it from Usroid high-speed servers and meet your needs without the need for other miscellaneous apps.


Ultra Explorer Pro