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Umwelt – Focused World is the name of an exciting game in the style of adventure games with elements, atmosphere and horror story, developed by evo42games studio in South Korea and priced at a relatively high price of $ 5.49 in the Google Play Store for mobile phones and tablets. Supplied. As always, we decided to be in Iran for the first timeIntroduce and present the final and complete version of this game at your service, Usroid companions. High graphics and detailed and fully three-dimensional designs of this game is one of its most prominent points. The second unique and praiseworthy feature of this game is its amazing sound! According to the creators, with the new Dolby and realistic technology used in the sound of this game, you can realize the full atmosphere of the game with a normal headphone. The unique technology used in this game, which has been introduced as a virtual reality reality simulator, brings a unique experience of 3D and VR-like sound to the player. So if you want to play the best possible experience from headphones (preferably Ayrfvn) good and strong with a smartphone or tablet gamesRun it so that its exciting graphics will delight you too! Umwelt game has a scary and of course adventurous storyline. According to the story of the game, you are in the role of a young female journalist who, after the news of the disappearance of a famous writer is spread, decides to find the truth and gather information with the few clues available to Introduce yourself as a diligent reporter! When the first clues of this story are related to an abandoned mansion outside the city, the main character of the game gets in his car and travels to this place. As soon as you reach this mansion, you will feel fear, loneliness and bad things! A big house where scary secrets are hidden somewhere. This mansion seems to have been the last place that famous writer went to! However, it is not clear what this house has to do with that author and his disappearance! It is you who must enter the sea and enter this cursed place to discover the truth. The game is from the first person view and you are in control of the main character from this view. Fantastic graphics, unique designs and most importantly, three-dimensional and realistic sound that makes you practically understand the situation of the game character. In the game introduction trailer, one of the game’s negative characters or monsters is shown. But it seems that more threats and dangers are waiting for you in this game. Your task is to find documents and clues that are related to the disappearance of the famous author. In the meantime, you have to go to different parts of this mansion and solve puzzles in some parts. We must also say that the end of the game depends on your choices during the game stages. According to the creators, Umwelt game will have several different endings!

Some features of Umwelt Android horror game:

  • Unique and detailed graphics like console games
  • Excellent three-dimensional design with precise lighting
  • Exciting and unique sound with the possibility of 3D and realistic VR playback
  • Has a horror, adventure and enigmatic story
  • Fluent and professional gameplay from the first person view
  • Design of suitable controllers with support for gyroscope sensor
  • There are many hidden items and undisclosed secrets
  • Unique voices and dubbing of characters
  • Graphic and fascinating design of cut scenes (intermediate demos)
  • There are a variety of fascinating puzzle puzzles
  • Ability to perform realistic movements such as dragging objects around, opening drawer doors, flipping through books, etc.
  • Refer to different areas such as yard, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, basement, etc.
  • There are several endings depending on your choices and decisions

Umwelt game is a unique and very creative work of art that makes you admire it due to its several unique and attractive features. By installing and running this game, you can have a unique experience of an adventure, horror, puzzle and action game. Travel to this cursed house and collect information and clues, discover the scary secrets of the game and find out the story hidden behind the scenes! Usroid is proud that for the first time in Iran, it has prepared the final and purchased version of Umwelt game in a tested form for your download. We suggest you take a look at the trailer video before downloading the game.

Changes in version v1.0.13:

* Correct the problem of game sensors in the vertical mode (Horizontal Mode)





Game installation and running instructions:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.evo42games.Umbelt folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.