Underworld Office: Visual Novel, Adventure Game v1.4.0 + Mod – Creative and Adventurous Game “Underground Office” for Android
Regular Version + Mod Version (Lots of Money) Separately
Tested for Offline Play

Underworld Office: Visual Novel, Adventure Game – دفترکار زیرزمینی is a beautiful and acclaimed game in the adventure game genre, specifically in the form of story-driven and illustrated novels, which has been developed and released for Android devices for free by the South Korean studio Buff Studio, the maker of other popular games such as Mystic Guardian, Wonder Knights, 7Days – Decide your story, Buff Knight Advanced, and My Oasis. As always, Usroid has prepared and provided it for download, along with a mod version, after the final and official release of the game, and it is now available for the first time among all Iranian websites. Buff Studio has previously released similar titles in this genre, namely Visual Novels, and it seems that the company’s focus is on targeting the audience of this genre and gaining a larger share of the market for these types of games. Underworld Office: Visual Novel, Adventure Game is another well-made and professional example in this genre, created and published by the creative developers of this studio, and has been one of the most anticipated adventure games in recent times.


Underworld Office: Visual Novel, Adventure Game


In the game Underworld Office: Visual Novel, Adventure Game, you play as a boy named Eugene who suddenly finds himself in the world of spirits and faces terrifying events. One of the worst of these events is the existence of terrifying monsters in the world of spirits, who seem to have noticed Eugene’s presence and are after him, but in the meantime, another spirit comes to his aid and saves him from the evil spirits. In exchange for saving Eugene, this spirit asks him to work with her in the underworld, or the world of spirits, in an office. Like all similar games in the Visual Novel genre, the most important part of this game is your choices among various options. In fact, this is your main job as a player, and then you have to follow the story of the game. Your choices directly impact the storyline of the game, and the result of these choices can be completely different and good or bad. Therefore, it is obvious that to enjoy this game enough, you must be familiar with the English language to understand the events and dialogues of the game and make the right choices and decisions. The game developer says that 7 different endings have been considered for this game. The cartoon and attractive designs of Underworld Office: Visual Novel, Adventure Game, which are like picture books or comics, are very interesting and influential, and make the audience delve deeply into the mystery of this world and wander around. If you want to experience a different adventure game where you are the decision maker and the determiner of the story, download the game Underworld Office: Visual Novel, Adventure Game from the Usroid download section and have a lot of fun. Underworld Office game has achieved more than 1 million downloads in a short period of time and has received a 4.0 out of 5.0 rating and is among the popular and selected games on Google Play.